Indie Author Book Review – Antiques and Murder

Last weekend, I started my search for books by indie authors, and I stumbled upon Antiques and Murder by Elle Griffin. It was a quick, easy novella to read.

Synopsis from Amazon:

Living in a small town can make it hard to find a date. So, when a sexy new neighbor turns out to be a blast from the past, twenty-nine year old Jemma-Leigh is more than ready to give it a try, not even nosy neighbors and a meddling mother can stop her. When a customer from her antique shop is found murdered, people suspect her new man. Determined to prove his innocence, she sets out to uncover the truth. Can she navigate the murky waters of family, love and murder? Will she find the killer before the killer finds her?

This is a novella of approx. 20,000 words.

My review:

There’s something about small town, southern charm that just puts a smile on my face when I read a book. When that is coupled with likable characters, some steamy romance (not just due to the southern heat), and a little mystery, all the makings for a good story are there.

Jemma-Leigh is charismatic and immediately likable, and Dawson is completely swoon-worthy. I hope this novella is the start of a series because I’d love to visit the streets of Camden, Georgia again!


I’m still searching for my next book.  Who are your favorite indie authors? I’d love to hear about them and put their books on my list!

Who are your favorite indie authors?

Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been researching and trying to find new ways to market and promote my book.  As always, I find that self-publishing isn’t for the faint of heart!  (Well, I already knew that!)  But I also found that the most successful indie authors were able to reach a lot of readers and built their success on reviews.  So I started thinking that while I’m still trying to find the best way to reach potential readers, I want to help fellow indie authors too.  I’m going to start reading at least one book by an indie author each month and post reviews here on my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Now, here’s where I need help.  Who are your favorite indie authors?  What is your favorite book by an indie author?  I’d love to hear about your favorites as I create my list!

Have a great day!