Spring at the Jersey Shore!

It seems like everyone has their favorite season, but my favorite thing of all is the change of seasons!  Whether it’s the chill in the air in the fall or the first hint of a warm breeze in the spring, my excitement builds with the transition to a new season.  As the weather changes and the calendar flips to a new month, there are always things to look forward to.

The past week (with the exception of today…it’s such a rainy afternoon) has been absolutely beautiful at the Jersey Shore.  Spring certainly has finally sprung!  Yesterday, my parents, Baby D, and I (my husband took a much needed nap after being up with a teething Baby D all night) took a walk on the Ocean City boardwalk, and it almost felt like summer!  The sun was warm, the waves were crashing, and the seagulls were squawking.  The sweet salt air and sounds of amusement rides got me so excited for the upcoming season.

The warmer months is when my little corner of New Jersey really comes alive.  Bayfests, boardwalk vendors, ice cream stands, long days on the beach…..so much fun!  My goal is to share glimpses of my summer with you, and maybe entice you to put the Jersey Shore – the place, not the TV show – on your travel bucket list!

Have a great week!